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Along with being the nerds you need to know behind Tournament Seeker, Jet Set Studio offers experienced insight on a variety of events around North America.  Professional “video game event management” is what the company spawned back in 2007, but before that, Co-Founder and CEO of Jet Set Studio, Ben McDougal, developed a full-scale 3v3 soccer tournament for two years before an exit came in the form of a 2007 acquisition.

Since 2004, leaders of this Iowa-based company have been involved with developing and implementing a variety of events that at their core, bring people together.  Whether it’s been developing interactive video game events around North America, community-building startup events throughout Des Moines, or a variety of other small, medium, and large scale concepts to build a brand around, Jet Set Studio is recognized as an innovative leader.  Tournament Seeker is our effort to bridge the gap between event organizers and people looking to compete.

With this interesting understanding, we’ve weaved different angles of insight into the Tournament Seeker experience overall.  Here we highlight more in-depth thoughts that could unlock your own ideas right now.  We bet you can’t read all three sections without taking one meaningful to-do item into your ideas.  Enjoy!

Below are the primary stages of event management.  Click below for insight on what goes into each stage.


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